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Secureshred Scotland specialise in the secure destruction and recycling of confidential waste paper.


Secureshred recognises that in today’s business environment there are ever increasing threats from fraud and identity theft. It is therefore imperative that businesses understand the importance of managing its data and takes reasonable steps to control the disposal of their confidential waste. This is where Secureshred can assist your business by providing the expertise in managing the disposal of your confidential waste in an efficient and effective manner.

Every business has a legal responsibility to ensure that it manages all aspects of confidential information pertaining to its customers and employees. Failure to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 could mean severe penalties and irreparable damage to the business’s image and reputation. Secureshred are able to provide you with a service that can help to alleviate this potentially harmful situation.

We aim to provide businesses in Scotland with a cost effective and tailored service enabling them to meet their legal obligations under the Data Protection Act 1998.

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ISO9001 & ISO14001 Accreditation

Secureshred operate to ISO9001 (Quality standard) and ISO14001 (Environmental Management System standard).